The protagonists
all of this episode were seen in summer 2004

Breakfast in the open air:
Parnassius phoebus (Papilionidi)

Parnassius phoebus Seen in Trentino, in the natualistic itinerary named "Trodo dei fiori".
It had breakfast on a thistle flower and I looked it while it was eating.

Midday Snack:
Columba livia (Columbidae)

Columba livia Seen in Marassi's market that was in Genoa since summer 2004.
It was eating all along an enormous piece of water-melon. It was so little compared with the fruit and looked being very satisfied.

Picnic on the grass:
Anser caerulescens (Anatidi)

Anser caerulescens Seen in Correggio's "Parco della Memoria" (in Reggio Emilia). In this Park there's a beautiful lake with grass and trees all around.
Here are living some gooses that usually graze throught the paths and then rest. They really seem people in vacation.

Brown bag dinner:
Sciurus carolinensis Gmelin, 1788 (Sciuridae)

Sciurus carolinensis Seen in Genoa, in Nervi park.
There was a palm-tree surrounded by peels of dates. Some peels picked on my head because a squirrel was eating up the tree.

Breakfast in the bar:
Blatta orientalis (Blattoidei)

Blatta orientalis It should be better don't say where I seen such a scene, but unfortunately it's common. As bugs live everywhere, it is impossible to avoid their going to have breakfast in a bar... isn't it?

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