Poster for the puppet show "L'uccello di fuoco" (Afanasiev's "Firebird")

Ivān, Elena and the Firebird
The Firebird

The story of this performance is based upon the omonimous and famous russian tale wrote by Afanasiev. Staging and stage direction were revised by Gino Balestrino, who is my puppet showman's master.
Usually the puppet shows are performanced in elementary school, but with "L'Uccello di Fuoco" my partners organized some public shows in Genoa, in the area of Porto Antico.
For this reasion we staged in performance in Porto Antico area and I realized this publicitary poster.

The poster itself

This poster was printed in yellow and grey, but the yellow copy was soon finished! I have only one of the grey copy, that I prefer and that is linked here on right side.

Ivān's father Prince Ivān

This serie of sketches was used in realization of show's puppet.
I made some sketches of head, that Mauro Pagān made by sculpturing wood, and costumes, that was sewed by Franca Granero Fabbri.
Unfortunately, I have no copy of that costume's sketches and something of the head's sketches are lost.
On the left side you can see what I still have of that works.
At the moment I have not any photo of the performance's scene, but I'll show it here if I'll find something.
Princess Elena Baba Yaga
Zar Dolmāt Magōva, the witch 1
Magōva, the witch 2 Magōva, the witch 3 (final)

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