Kalì, il ragazzo della foresta (Kalì, the jungle kid)
"I bambini raccontano... la morte. Riflessioni sulla vita." (Children relate... death. Reflections about life)
Clara Serina Edizioni, Milano, 2001

Foresta 1 Kalì attonito Kalì che sorride

When I drew sketches for Kalì's tale, I had to do some research about the tropical Indian area. Kalì have a monkey as a friend, named Lovan.
Here, to the left, are some sketches.
Il vecchio saggio Kalì impaurito Barche
Lovan Kalì furioso
Kalì Kalì sconsolato


Actually, two illustrated tales that contain the drawnings showed here on the right exist: "Kalì, il ragazzo della foresta" (Kalì, the jungle kid) and "Kalì e il diamante luminoso" (Kalì and the shining diamond). They both share the same plot, but it was adapted for children of different ages.
As "Marina e il Ragnetto" (Marina and the little spider), the original tale is not by me, but by Clara Serina, Cristina Salvetti and Patrizia Trimigno.
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Tavola 2 Tavola 7 Tavola 11
Tavola 3 Tavola 8 Tavola 12
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