Barbara Nicora

Self-portrait with cats Born in Genoa (Italy) in 28/11/1973
Living in Genoa

  • 2011 - first Dodo's House comic book (Maison Dodo), Clair de Lune editor (work in progress).
  • November 2010 - Ansaldo Energia, Turano Lodigiano's power station drawing for a plaque; commissioned by B.B. company, Genoa.
  • April 2010 - Fondazione Ansaldo, Villa Cattaneo drawing for a plaque; commissioned by B.B. company, Genoa.
  • 2009-2011 - private teacher of fine art and comics.
  • 2009 – strips for web-comic blogs: "Pen & Jin" and "Dodo's House".
  • Illustrations of the Pen & Jin's 2009 calendar in 2008
  • Teacher for a Comics Course in senior high school (ITIS A.Gastaldi - G.Giorgi, Genoa) from 5 May 2006 to 6 June 2006.
  • Project, illustration, graphic design for three "Art Nouveau stained glass" styled windows in October 2005.
  • Illustration "I forget all" for Psychologies Magazine" in August 2005.
  • Since 2004 collaboration with B.B. company, realizing their catalogue.
  • Project and drawing of a second wave of figures (shepherd lad, little sheep) for Pieve Ligure presepio in 2003.
  • Project and drawing of Pieve Ligure presepio (Maria, S. Giuseppe, an Angel, the donkey and the ox) in 2002.
  • Illustration of the book "Kalì, il ragazzo della foresta" (Kalì, the jungle kid) published by Clara Serina Edizioni in 2001.
  • Illustration of the book "Marina e il ragnetto" (Marina and the little spider) published by Clara Serina Edizioni in 2001.
  • Some ensigns for stores in 1998.
  • Scene-painting for many puppet performances by G. Balestrino (MississiBì) and F. Granero Fabbri.
  • Working as a puppet master in "Teatro Atlantide", performing in "L'uccello di fuoco" (Afanasiev's "Firebird") between 1996 and 1998. The show was performed in Genova, Pisa and Firenze and in some international festivals too.
  • Painting of some promotional art and the play poster for "L'uccello di fuoco" (Afanasiev's "Firebird") a play performed by "Teatro Atlantide".
  • Realization of a bookmark for "Il mondo del fumetto" bookstore in 1994.
  • 3rd level Japan Proficiency Language Test certification in December 2004.
  • 4th level Japan Proficiency Language Test certification in December 2003.
  • Stage in puppet creation by puppet master Carlo Timossi in 1997.
  • Master sponsored by Regione Liguria "L'Arte del Burattinaio" (The Puppet Master Art) in 1996.
  • Diploma in Fine Art High-school in 1992.
  • Obtaining the 2nd level of Japan Language Proficiency Test certification.
  • Becoming a better artist.
  • Writing down my own stories.
  • Playing with my cats, spending a lot of time with friends, reading and walking.
  • I like cooking too.

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